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By: Joanne Linegar

A funny kids book about a boy and his dog! Oliver and his dog Hershey are best friends. One day they receive a gift: a kitten named Purdy. After Hershey and Purdy doze off, Purdy suddenly goes missing. Oliver thinks he saw what happened but he can’t be sure. Could Hershey be the culprit? Find out in this tall tail!

By: Joanne Linegar

An intriguing kids book about Santa’s interesting Christmas! It’s Christmas Eve and Santa has taken a fall! How will he continue to deliver presents? Will Santa recover? Or will this be the first time Christmas is postponed? Find out when Santa takes a Break!

By: Joanne Linegar

A guided 147 page journal that allows you to write about your own life! Each page has it’s very own unique category for you to write about. From achievements and goals to friends and family to key experiences and cherished moments. This book covers almost every aspect of life you could possibly write about!

By: Mark Aarssen

With grit and wit, Mark gives the reader a glimpse of the drama, conflicts and chaos that befalls a small town police force. His co-workers are a collection of professional cops, has-beens, slackers, and tricksters, and although names have been changed, the stories are true. Mark realizes he is living in a complex, ever-changing world, where personal values, ethics, and friendships weigh in the balance. He needs an anchor and finds faith in god, later becoming a pastor.

By: Steven Burgess and David Sabine

The Island That Did Not Move, original text written by Steven Burgess, adapted for young readers and produced by David Sabine and illustrated by his daughters, tells the story of two different groups of people on an island, the Hill Side people and the Plain Side people. The story is mature, and talks about conflict these two groups face while they argue which way is the “correct” way to live. In a way that is created for children, The Island That Did Not Move can be related to global events that our world is facing.

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